Raining many many

Today, it rained many many many… from morning and till now… I wonder since Super Junior members are here to perform.. are they enjoying themselves in Singapore in this weather? Tonight will be their second performance in Singapore Indoor Stadium… Hope the members are having fun and I hope fans will be careful not to hurt their oppas who would be performing for them later…

Since today it rained many many manyly… I stayed at home and watched Qualifications of Men choir episodes from pikeyenny’s blog… oh manz… some of the video links are missing… I totally like Qualifications of Men choir episode ONLY… hehehe… I have never watched them before not until Pikeyenny’s blog update and show the year end special. I was hooked to Seon Wu and Park Seulgi… I remembered them last time when they were in Happy Together and they were funny… I like them… I thought they were comedians but I was wrong… They are reporters and they yet they are soooo funny and pretty and quite charismatic in my eyes…

ps: I only watched those with eng subs as I am korean illiterate big time. 😉

Seon Wu can sing high notes and are in the sopranos team. They are awesome and I totally like the whole choir team except this elderly man which I think his name is Gyeonggyu… as an elder of cos… he needs to have the respect of others right as koreans culture is always respect the elder or sunbaenim in the industry… but… errrrr… in my opinion… he abit too egoistic… well to me la… but I guess its suppose to be that way…

ps: I really really really like the instructor aka the conductor Park Kolleen. She is sooo cool and patience when she teaching them who knows nothing about choir from scratch.. and ensemble them together to become one cool choir.

This are the video that they perform in.

Here are some of the links to watch in Pikeyenny’s blog.

Click Qualifications of Men – Choir edition to watch. Enjoy. I definately do. ;D

I feel sad when the ending when the choir team prepares something for Park Kolleen. They are so sweet and so those Park Kolleen who shed tears, sweat and everything into making this choir even thou it is only for two months. Everybody put their hard work into this choir to be as successful as it is. This is one of the shows that I will watch it again. 🙂

Nonstop4 eng sub

Wooo hooo.. I am hooked to Lee Yoon Ji 이윤지…
Really find her so adorable and cute back when she is in WGM.
And now digging past information and dramas that she act.

She really have a bubbly personality.
I find some of her vidz up on Veoh for nonstop4 when she
acted with Jang Geun Suk…

Here the link if anyone interested to watch and catch up with
Lee Yoon Ji…

credit goes to the kind people @soompi for providing the links to watch. 😀

Click at Nonstop4 to watch.

[WGM]Kang In and Lee Yoon Ji – Acorn Jelly Couple

I guess I am addicted to We Got Married again.
There have been so many couples in WGM.
Ranging from the pioneer couples were:

Alex ♥  Shinae
Crown J ♥ Seo In Young
Andy ♥ Solbi
Jung Hyung Don ♥ Saori

I can say all this couples do make me all fluttery.
Errrrmmm.. Except for Jung Hyung Don ♥ Saori couple cos Hyung Don was
a lil mean in here.. Hehe..

Then some couples were replaced by other couples.
And I have watched almost all WGM couples (only those with subs).
Currently I am totally hooked to Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji couple
aka Acorn Jelly Couple.
I know I am back dated.. But YESH!  I am hooked.

I will provide some links to watch this couple.
The subs are all not done by me but cos i know it is hard some times
to find the couples that we like in one place.
Therefore.. for Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji couple fans out there…
These are dedicated for you so that you won’t crazy to find the videos
all over the place.

Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji starts at episode 39.
credit: TungTungSubs.wordpress.com
Megavideo: click here to view
Veoh: click here to view

Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji episode 40.
credit: TungTungSubs.wordpress.com
Megavideo: click here to view
Veoh: coming soon

Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji episode 41.
credit: TungTungSubs.wordpress.com
Megavideo: click here to view
Veoh: coming soon

Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji episode 43.
credit: TungTungSubs.wordpress.com
Megavideo: click here to view
Veoh: coming soon

Kang In ♥ Lee Yoon Ji episode 44.
credit: TungTungSubs.wordpress.com
Megavideo: click here to view
Veoh: coming soon

My first ramblingz

Annyeong everyone~

This is going to be my first kpop ramblings ever online~
I do not usually ramblez about kpop to just anyone~
But i guess with everyone going cyber~
Sharing my crazy ramblez on whoever want to read is pretty  ok i guess~
Something to share on my first ramblez~
Since Super Junior are going to come to Singapore~

I guess sharing this won’t hurt~ thou he may not be in the concert~
But fans are still waiting for his comeback~
Note: I am not an E.L.F~ I am juz a normal fan who likes kpop~

This video have made my workout session
on the thread mile an enjoyble workout and
heart pumping moment cos its sooo cute~

Do enjoy the vidz~
Plus, PLEASE BUY THE DVD if you want to support SUPER JUNIOR~
I just bought it~ and its worth it~ 😀

credit: SM Ent.
credit: gabbogabbo0 (youtube) for uploading

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