Dear Pledis~

My rants for today:
Pledis promotion for the Sub-Units --> After School Red and Blue are soooo short.
Why oh why~~ It seems i never can understand the business mind of K-industry Entertainment.
Could it be to appease fans when Bekah graduated? Or is it just promotional tactics? 
Why oh Why dear Pledis are you doing this?
Dear Pledis, you spend time, effort, money on the shoot of MVs and the props used. 
Don't you find it a pity?
The girls spend time to learn the moves, practices the dance and the promotion is
short and then fly to Japan for promotions? 
As fan~ i can't say that what you did will make all fans happy or disgruntled.. but hope whatever
decision made will BENEFIT AFTER SCHOOL members~ 
Some fans will be happy cos they are debuting in Japan~ but some fans may not~
Whichever category you fans are in~ Please wish After School members success and all the best~
Why we wish dem the best and success~ cos we LOVE AFTER SCHOOL members~ 

After School Hwaiitng!


Need Help!! SOS for being sick~~ over obsession of After School~
Need help~ woots~ any cure? aaiisshh~ nw im spamming everywhere~

After School divides into Red and Blue Team

Kyaaaahhh~~~ oh my goodness~~ wae wae wae~~ After School is divided into 2 sub-units~ huhuhuhu~ *sob*sob*~ but well~ i dun mind if it is Kahi and Jung Ah in the same team~ kekkekekke~ im evil ~ yesh~ evil dat im prefer the eldest of members to be in the same group and showing sexy concept~

PS: dis was released by pledisnews as a teaser:

I cant wait for them to announce the team~ but seriously~ i really badly want Jung Ah and Kahi in the same team~ cosssssss~~ if Kahi or Jung Ah doing cute stuff~ im sure gonna cringe ~ but well~ if either one of dem to be in the cute team~ den~ no choice but to accept it rite~ hehehheh~ but Jung Ah ~~ cute team~ awwwwww~~ let see on the 9th July wats the verdict~ jeng jeng jeng~~ c”,)

ps: in case i might forget the link uploaded by @pledisnews.. hehehhe~ here the pic of JungAh  and Kahi in tug of war for e-Young~~ ~ how pretty rite~ if im beside dem~ i will feel like a total midget~ hehhe~ cos see their heels~~ woootz~

Crazy, hooked and obssess~

Wooo hooo~ its me the crazy kpoprambler~

Well.. i can say that my korean knowledge of the K-Entertainment industry is very very very limited~ but i juz as lame as dis blog sounds~~ i want to say~~ I am obsess, crazy, addicted to After School~ thou I have been a fan since like late 2009~ BUT well~~ the last few months have been crazily addictive and crazy~ and thanks to the news of Bekah’s (THE RAPPER), leaving the group~ aka GRADUATION~ well.. i dun noe hw many heartaches we Playgirlz/Playboyz are gonna get our heart ripped~ but well~ Soyoung impact on leaving (She was in the 1st Generation of After School which consists of  Kahi, Kim Jung Ah, Bekah, Jooyeon and Soyoung~)~ But with Bekah leaving the group~ to me~ it impacted alot for me~ haiz~ sorry to anyone reading this~ i juz would like to ramblez and rant it out~~ (thou my bias is Jung Ah)~ BUT still~ its THE RAPPER of the group we are talking about here~ i still wonder~ Why she doesnt have much recognition~ and im still puzzled over Uie popularity~~ is she dat good? haiz~ manz~ dis suckz~ nw i wonder am i a true playgirlz? cos WHY am i questioning Uie popularity? haiz~ ok.. i noe~ i suckz~ but well..~ If there is a least fav member to me~ its Uie~ she nvr did much but she gain so much popularity~ haiz~~ WAE????!!!!

Sorry to anyone who read this~ but i wonder who reading it~ hehhehe~ so~ im juz ranting and ramblingz stuff~~ tata~ till my next incoherent ramblez~~ annyeong~

Kim Jung Ah = Love~ ❤

Sent a package to Pledis Ent~ To: KJA&B*

Yahooooo~~~ i am back again~ it seems like it been ages since im updated~ hmmm~ im suppose to ramblez abt kpop rite~ but i have not been~ hmmmm~ nt to buzy-ness~ its juz~~~~ mayb dun noe wat to update~ hehehe~ But today~ duguen duguen~ i have sent a package to Pledis Ent~ to KJA and B*~ can you guess who is it? heeheheh~ KJA is my bias but since B* is leaving~ so im sending her smthg hopefully to encourage her~~ Hopefully the package will reach to the place and the owner to the gifts~ its nothing much~ but it came from my heart as when i get it for KJA a sunshine softie~ Hopefully she will be bright as she is~ both in her personal and stage life~ I think I have never felt this nervous before when i send a mail~ at the post office i already like stammer and stutter~ heart racing like crazy~ Waking up earlier and go out earlier juz to go and get in queue so dat i wont be late for work~ heehehehe~ i am mad old kiddo~

I hope KJA and B* will get her package respectively~ One day~ to be able to meet After School esp KJA will be awesome~

Well i shall end my ramblings~ and get on with work~

I am an excited nutcase~

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