Sent a package to Pledis Ent~ To: KJA&B*

Yahooooo~~~ i am back again~ it seems like it been ages since im updated~ hmmm~ im suppose to ramblez abt kpop rite~ but i have not been~ hmmmm~ nt to buzy-ness~ its juz~~~~ mayb dun noe wat to update~ hehehe~ But today~ duguen duguen~ i have sent a package to Pledis Ent~ to KJA and B*~ can you guess who is it? heeheheh~ KJA is my bias but since B* is leaving~ so im sending her smthg hopefully to encourage her~~ Hopefully the package will reach to the place and the owner to the gifts~ its nothing much~ but it came from my heart as when i get it for KJA a sunshine softie~ Hopefully she will be bright as she is~ both in her personal and stage life~ I think I have never felt this nervous before when i send a mail~ at the post office i already like stammer and stutter~ heart racing like crazy~ Waking up earlier and go out earlier juz to go and get in queue so dat i wont be late for work~ heehehehe~ i am mad old kiddo~

I hope KJA and B* will get her package respectively~ One day~ to be able to meet After School esp KJA will be awesome~

Well i shall end my ramblings~ and get on with work~

I am an excited nutcase~

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