Crazy, hooked and obssess~

Wooo hooo~ its me the crazy kpoprambler~

Well.. i can say that my korean knowledge of the K-Entertainment industry is very very very limited~ but i juz as lame as dis blog sounds~~ i want to say~~ I am obsess, crazy, addicted to After School~ thou I have been a fan since like late 2009~ BUT well~~ the last few months have been crazily addictive and crazy~ and thanks to the news of Bekah’s (THE RAPPER), leaving the group~ aka GRADUATION~ well.. i dun noe hw many heartaches we Playgirlz/Playboyz are gonna get our heart ripped~ but well~ Soyoung impact on leaving (She was in the 1st Generation of After School which consists of  Kahi, Kim Jung Ah, Bekah, Jooyeon and Soyoung~)~ But with Bekah leaving the group~ to me~ it impacted alot for me~ haiz~ sorry to anyone reading this~ i juz would like to ramblez and rant it out~~ (thou my bias is Jung Ah)~ BUT still~ its THE RAPPER of the group we are talking about here~ i still wonder~ Why she doesnt have much recognition~ and im still puzzled over Uie popularity~~ is she dat good? haiz~ manz~ dis suckz~ nw i wonder am i a true playgirlz? cos WHY am i questioning Uie popularity? haiz~ ok.. i noe~ i suckz~ but well..~ If there is a least fav member to me~ its Uie~ she nvr did much but she gain so much popularity~ haiz~~ WAE????!!!!

Sorry to anyone who read this~ but i wonder who reading it~ hehhehe~ so~ im juz ranting and ramblingz stuff~~ tata~ till my next incoherent ramblez~~ annyeong~

Kim Jung Ah = Love~ ❤

IU – Lee Jieun

Wowieee… this lil kiddo who forever amazes me with her vocal. I have been shipping Taeyeon vocal so far… But now… my heart have split into two. Half for IU and the other half for Taeyeon. Their vocal are awesome. BUT this post is especially for IU. She is awesome with her vocal and currently watching her in Dream High.. she is such a cutie with Wooyoung… hahaha.. thou Wooyoung look cute like a chipmunk at times but it juz made the drama more endearing to watch.

Oh manz!! I am suppose to talk about IU but instead I talked about Taeyeon and Wooyoung (well.. it doesn’t hurt to jump here and there a lil right… hehehe).. Anyway.. back to IU… I have watched her in Dream High and Heroes… just to set the record straight… I already like her before she got really famous… hehehhe.. cos I joined her international forum..… hehehehe… this website is the easiest to remember cos I love the heart shape so much that I basically remember this forum by heart… hehehe… I can say that I am a fan that sways alot… I like dis A group for awhile then I jump to another group and to another and to another… It seems my liking never last for long in K-pop groups… BUT so far this groups have stayed for quite some time in my heart and brain… S.H.E (not k-pop but this Taiwanese girl group will be forever in my heart)… and SNSD… so far SNSD among many kpop group dat i like… I have on and off relationship with SNSD… reason because… whenever some girl group I like … Like Wonder Girls, Brown Eyed Girls, After School… I will still come back to SNSD when they make a comeback… I told you right… I am a fan that sways alot… so yeah…

Eh… I am suppose to talk about IU arent I… hehehe… Ok.. sorry.. digressed… Well.. so far IU attracts me with her strong vocal and her cute image… usually I would not go for cute girls… BUT IU just toooo cute to resists… and her vocal really make me like her even more… I hope she could go on more variety shows and some kind souls would subbed it… hehehe… Sometimes im tired of waiting for subbs… therefore… I plan pick up korean soon… well… lets just say.. I dun want to plan.. JUST DO IT!. I WILL PICK UP KOREAN LANGUAGE… woo hoooo!.. Jiayou!!

To end this.. In case any kind soul read my blog… I shall leave with some IU songs… Hehehe.. and for me to enjoy as well when I read my blog… hehehhe..

And lastly… IU is a talented girl.. She amazes me with her guitar skills besides her vocal power… 😀

ps: If ever my links are broken.. and there are someone who read my post.. do let me know k…



My first ramblingz

Annyeong everyone~

This is going to be my first kpop ramblings ever online~
I do not usually ramblez about kpop to just anyone~
But i guess with everyone going cyber~
Sharing my crazy ramblez on whoever want to read is pretty  ok i guess~
Something to share on my first ramblez~
Since Super Junior are going to come to Singapore~

I guess sharing this won’t hurt~ thou he may not be in the concert~
But fans are still waiting for his comeback~
Note: I am not an E.L.F~ I am juz a normal fan who likes kpop~

This video have made my workout session
on the thread mile an enjoyble workout and
heart pumping moment cos its sooo cute~

Do enjoy the vidz~
Plus, PLEASE BUY THE DVD if you want to support SUPER JUNIOR~
I just bought it~ and its worth it~ 😀

credit: SM Ent.
credit: gabbogabbo0 (youtube) for uploading

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