Why do we adore someone whom we have not met?

Rant 1:

Why do we adore so much idols that we have not seen in real life before and just watching them on tv or online?
Are we being too crazy a person to stalk someone whom we never met before?
Isnt that invading of privacy?
Imagine someone invade my own privacy, would i like that? (The answer is NO! I won’t like it one bit too)
But are the idols themselves appreciate the fans that idolise them so much?
Do they know what the fans have to go thru?
Hmmmm~ i guess the idols themselves have a great deal to think about.

Just a random rant…

Dear Pledis~

My rants for today:
Pledis promotion for the Sub-Units --> After School Red and Blue are soooo short.
Why oh why~~ It seems i never can understand the business mind of K-industry Entertainment.
Could it be to appease fans when Bekah graduated? Or is it just promotional tactics? 
Why oh Why dear Pledis are you doing this?
Dear Pledis, you spend time, effort, money on the shoot of MVs and the props used. 
Don't you find it a pity?
The girls spend time to learn the moves, practices the dance and the promotion is
short and then fly to Japan for promotions? 
As fan~ i can't say that what you did will make all fans happy or disgruntled.. but hope whatever
decision made will BENEFIT AFTER SCHOOL members~ 
Some fans will be happy cos they are debuting in Japan~ but some fans may not~
Whichever category you fans are in~ Please wish After School members success and all the best~
Why we wish dem the best and success~ cos we LOVE AFTER SCHOOL members~ 

After School Hwaiitng!


Need Help!! SOS for being sick~~ over obsession of After School~
Need help~ woots~ any cure? aaiisshh~ nw im spamming everywhere~

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