After School divides into Red and Blue Team

Kyaaaahhh~~~ oh my goodness~~ wae wae wae~~ After School is divided into 2 sub-units~ huhuhuhu~ *sob*sob*~ but well~ i dun mind if it is Kahi and Jung Ah in the same team~ kekkekekke~ im evil ~ yesh~ evil dat im prefer the eldest of members to be in the same group and showing sexy concept~

PS: dis was released by pledisnews as a teaser:

I cant wait for them to announce the team~ but seriously~ i really badly want Jung Ah and Kahi in the same team~ cosssssss~~ if Kahi or Jung Ah doing cute stuff~ im sure gonna cringe ~ but well~ if either one of dem to be in the cute team~ den~ no choice but to accept it rite~ hehehheh~ but Jung Ah ~~ cute team~ awwwwww~~ let see on the 9th July wats the verdict~ jeng jeng jeng~~ c”,)

ps: in case i might forget the link uploaded by @pledisnews.. hehehhe~ here the pic of JungAh  and Kahi in tug of war for e-Young~~ ~ how pretty rite~ if im beside dem~ i will feel like a total midget~ hehhe~ cos see their heels~~ woootz~

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